"One of the hottest young New Orleans bands in Europe"

The Bourbon Street Stompers The “Bourbon Street Stompers” were founded in Essen in May 1993 when we were still teenagers attending school. All today's members already participate in the band since 1996.

Winning the school's music award that was instituted by the WDR - one of the biggest broadcasting companies in Western Germany - enabled us to record our 1st album “A Tribute to Dixie”. This spontaneous “ignition” substantially encouraged us to pursue the track we had just discovered - our love to Jazz. Meanwhile a growing bunch of fans promoted us with an astonishing number of both public and private concerts. Among these were numerous festivals and gigs in jazz clubs, on company jubilees or private parties. Thus, further CD productions followed with recordings to “Second Stomp” in 1997, “Stompin' Milestones” in 1999 and “Those Struttin' Syncopators” in 2003.

But what lets this band differ from the average - except for our often-noticed average height of 1.93 m - not scarcely reminding our audience of Prussian infantrymen? First of all there is no doubt that a close friendship developed among the seven band members in the course of the years, which enabled us to stand our ground against professional bands in an increasingly commercialised environment. Moreover it is our strong wish and overall effort to let this vital and infectious music roll and carry away our audience whenever we join on stage.

The Bourbon Street StompersIn the course of our stylistic development we strolled constantly back towards the intrinsic roots of Jazz what we normally call “Classical New Orleans Jazz” of the roaring 20's and 30's - or briefly “Hot Jazz”. Hence, we predominantly wish to pay our utmost tribute to those great jazz musicians who may either claim or are widely considered to be the creators of Jazz. To enumerate only some of them: “King Oliver”, “Louis Armstrong”, “Jelly Roll Morton”, “Clarence Williams” or “Duke Ellington” where we would like to take a leaf out of their book.

Our achronological discovery tour “back to the roots” endowed us with a stylistic diversity, which has become one of our benchmarking ear-catchers. However, to be perpetually working on our own style and understanding of Old Time Jazz belongs to our major goals.

Among the most remarkable highlights in the past decade have been a couple of guest performances of the outstanding chanson singer “Christiane Weber” - both on stage and on our 3rd and 4th album. Any time her breathtaking voice fills the air this peerless sound immediately conquers everyone's ear and soul. To say it with her words: whenever “Georgia is on My Mind” I get that “Mood Indigo”. Hopefully seeing you someday we are looking forward to hearing from you!

Keep swinging,
The Bourbon Street Stompers